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The Oregon Shakespeare Festival costumes are available to rent for your theatrical needs! Located in Talent, OR we rent to professional for-profit and non-profit Theatres.
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  • Jacket Late 19th C-TOC Women's
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Jacket Late 19th C-TOC Women's

Production: $91.00
Weekly: $55.00

Barcode: 09066326
Gender: Women
Circa: Period
Category: Jacket Late 19th C-TOC Women's
Size: B35 x W28
Description: 19th Century, Jacket Late 19th C-TOC Women's, Women, B35, W28, Cream, Floral, Womens TOC Jacket, Cream Silk, Pleated Neckline, Zipper Front Closure, Pearl Buttons Faux Closing, Long Sleeve, Pleated Peplum Bottom And Cuffs, Slight Tails On Back "Oklahoma", Good, Brocade, TOC
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