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The Oregon Shakespeare Festival costumes are available to rent for your theatrical needs! Located in Talent, OR we rent to professional for-profit and non-profit Theatres.
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Pants Medieval

Medieval, Pants Medieval, Men, W36, Brown, Green, Gold, Pane, Paned Breeches Of Multi Colored Striped Fabric, Leather Codpiece, Black Under Panes, Distressed, Silk, MEDL

Size: W36

Code: 09000510

PRODUCTION:  $62.00 WEEKLY:  $38.00
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Doublet Ren

Renaissance & Elizabethan, Doublet Ren, Men, 39S, W36, Brown, Dark Green, Cream, Pane, Medieval Leather Doublet,cream Cotton Pleated Under Collar, Chevron Stitching On Dark Green Body, Brown Leather Paned Sleeves, Brown Leather Shoulder Wings, Good, Leather, MEDL

Size: 39S x W36

Code: 09014469

PRODUCTION:  $136.00 WEEKLY:  $83.00
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Doublet Medieval Fabric

Medieval, Doublet Medieval Fabric, Men, C44-52, Portly, Orange, Red, Brown, Burgundy, Floral, Round Neck, No Collar, 2 Button Closure, Grommets Around Front Chest, Center Back Lacing, Lace On 2 Part Sleeves Laced Together, Shredding And Age Shading, Distressed, Cotton Blend

Size: C44-52 x PORTLY

Code: 09032930

PRODUCTION:  $130.00 WEEKLY:  $79.00
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Pants Medieval

Medieval, Pants Medieval, Men, W54+, Light Brown, Tan, Brown, Stenciled, Stenciled Elastic Waist Leggings With Attached Knit Chaps, Lace Up Fly, Distressed, Lycra Blend

Size: W54+

Code: 09035405

PRODUCTION:  $62.00 WEEKLY:  $38.00
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Shirt Medieval

Medieval, Shirt Medieval, Men, C38, Yellow, Ragged Pullover, Stitching Around Neck And Sleeves, Distressed, Cotton

Size: C38

Code: 09041570

PRODUCTION:  $28.00 WEEKLY:  $18.00
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Hat Coif Medieval

Hats, Hat Coif Medieval, Unisex, Yellow, Distressed, Raw Silk


Code: 09042832

PRODUCTION:  $22.00 WEEKLY:  $14.00
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Pants Medieval

Medieval, Pants Medieval, Men, W30+, Yellow, Elastic Waist, Distressed, Linen

Size: W30+

Code: 09043723

PRODUCTION:  $62.00 WEEKLY:  $38.00
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Pants Medieval

Medieval, Pants Medieval, Men, W30, Yellow, Brown, Beige, Gold, Paisley, Elastic Stirrup, Invisible Zipper At Side, Good, Velvet, Medieval

Size: W30

Code: 09062046

PRODUCTION:  $62.00 WEEKLY:  $38.00
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Jerkin Medieval

Medieval, Jerkin Medieval, Men, C39, W30, Yellow, Brown, Beige, Gold, Paisley, Cap Sleeve, Funnel Collar, Gold Buttons With Loops At Center Front , Good, Velvet, Medieval

Size: C39 x W30

Code: 09062145

PRODUCTION:  $102.00 WEEKLY:  $63.00
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