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The Oregon Shakespeare Festival costumes are available to rent for your theatrical needs! Located in Talent, OR we rent to professional for-profit and non-profit Theatres.
Educational and Community Organizations, Television, Film, Commercial Events, and Photo-Shoots across the continental U.S. Come visit us!
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Fantasy Outfit Unisex

Fantasy, Fantasy Outfit Unisex, Unisex, OS, Purple, Solid, Fantasy Outfit, Purple Plastic, Inflatable Suit, Attached Fan With Battery Pack And Belt, Hood, Socks And Full Lengeth Gloves, Good, Plastic, Fantasy

Size: OS

Code: 11009874

PRODUCTION:  $171.00 WEEKLY:  $112.00
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Coat Fantasy

Fantasy, Coat Fantasy, Unisex, C46, Beige, Grey, Black, Texture, Wide Notched Collar With Rounded Points, 5 Button Front Opening, Large Patch Pockets, Waist Seaming, Center Back Vent, Upper Back Lining, Covered In Pages Of Book, With Text, "Alice In Wonderland" Paper Man, Distressed, Wool Blend

Size: C46

Code: 09028853

PRODUCTION:  $130.00 WEEKLY:  $79.00
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Hat Fantasy

Fantasy, Hat Fantasy, Unisex, H23.5, Beige, Cream, Brown, Ivory, Light Brown, Writing , Box Shapped Hat, Covered In Sheets Printed With "Alice In Wonderland" Pages, Sheer Sheets Cover Face And Head,"Alice In Wonderland", Good, Organza, Fantasy

Size: H23.5

Code: 11011649

PRODUCTION:  $46.00 WEEKLY:  $28.00
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Collar Stock

Accessories, Collar Stock, Men, N17.5, Cream, Double Layer With White Lace Trim, Good, Cotton, 18thC

Size: N17.5

Code: 09003193

PRODUCTION:  $19.00 WEEKLY:  $13.00
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Belt Baldric

Accessories, Belt Baldric, Unisex, Red, Gold, Solid, Baldric, Red Failee, Gold Trim, Large Gold Tassels, Attached Metals And Objects, Good, Faille


Code: 09056633

PRODUCTION:  $42.00 WEEKLY:  $26.00
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Coat Fantasy

Fantasy, Coat Fantasy, Unisex, C35, Purple, Lavender, Blue, Silver, Swirl, Fantasy Coat, Multi Color Wool Swirl Pattern, Stand Collar, No Closures, Tail Back, Open For Wing Harness "Alice In Wonderland" Gryphon, Good, Wool, Fatnasy

Size: C35

Code: 09068996

PRODUCTION:  $102.00 WEEKLY:  $63.00
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Blouse 1990s - Modern

20th Century, Blouse 1990s - Modern, Women, B30, Small, Blue, Dark Blue, Solid, Womens Shirt, Multi Color Blue Cotton, Hood, Ruched Button Details "Alice In Wonderland" Gryphon, Good, Cotton

Size: B30 x SMALL

Code: 09070428

PRODUCTION:  $28.00 WEEKLY:  $18.00
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Pants Fantasy

Fantasy, Pants Fantasy, Unisex, W27, Blue, Grey, Stripe, Pant, Dark Blue Grey Stripe Wool, Wide Leg, Zipper Hook And Eye Back "Alice In Wonderland" Gryphon, Good, Wool

Size: W27

Code: 09071143

PRODUCTION:  $59.00 WEEKLY:  $38.00
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Shoe Fantasy

Footwear, Shoe Fantasy, Unisex, Sz7.5, Womens, Grey, Black, Solid, Alice In Wonderland "Gryphon" Feet, Grey Fur, Attached To Stilt, Metal Leg Braces, With Built In Shoe, Attached Rubber Hooks To Secure To Over Costume, Good, Fur, Fantas

Size: SZ7.5 x WOMENS

Code: 11009719

PRODUCTION:  $57.00 WEEKLY:  $34.00
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Glove Fantasy

Fantasy, Glove Fantasy, Unisex, OS, Grey, Black, Blue, Scales, Alice In Wonderland "Gryphon" Gloves, Grey Spandex With Scales, Leather Pads And Foam Claws, Fair, Spandex, Fants

Size: OS

Code: 11009720

PRODUCTION:  $28.00 WEEKLY:  $18.00
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